Condo Balcony Cleaning Service

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Vancouver BC based “Zuke Balcony Cleaning” is your top professional condo balcony cleaning service. 

We have been operational since 2012 and are your BEST condo balcony cleaning Service in Vancouver, North Vancouver, North Shore, West Vancouver, Burnaby, or Richmond BC.

We DO NOT allow water to drip to the neighbours or street level below your unit. We adhere to, and avoid breaking, your residential strata guidelines

Upon request we can provide a full service level of outdoor home cleaning services including: condo balcony floor cleaning, railing glass panels, condo balcony windows and window sills, and furniture.

If it’s been longer than a year since your last interior window cleaning then more than likely, it’s time for some window cleaning service

Specializing in NO WATER LEAKAGE balcony cleaning / patio cleaning / deck cleaning

The Vancouver business specializes in condo balcony cleaning service and apartment balconies so you can remain confident knowing that we will use the best method to tackle the situation without compromising your property or breaking your condominium strata bylaw. Across the Lower Mainland, apartment managers and condominium strata boards prohibit water or cleaning solutions from flowing over the edge of the balcony to residents or the street below.

Since 2012 Zuke Cleaning has been fine tuning our methods to efficiently and effectively overcome the difficulty in this task.  We are able to provide a full service balcony cleaning service including cleaning condo balcony floor and balcony windows.  We are also capable of cleaning aluminum coping, vinyl siding, sliding door tracks, balcony windows sills, and outdoor furniture including rattan.

Be sure to ask us about indoor window cleaning service during your balcony cleaning service to receive a discount on combined work.  


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